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Home based business opportunities provide a legitimate way for people to earn a part-time or full-time income from home. There are tons of these opportunities all over the internet, but for new people seeking home based business opportunities, it can be very difficult to distinguish the difference between a legitimate opportunity and those to avoid.

When I started this roller coaster ride, it was full of uncertainty. I wished I had someone to help me and show me the ropes. I got taken, fooled, scammed, call it what you want, more than once or twice, ok, maybe even three times. How embarrassing is that? When I finally sorted things out, thanks to some awesome people in the online business community over at Wealthy Affiliate, who helped me and put me on the right path to freedom. I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

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It Can Happen To Anyone

After my horrible start in this industry, I made a promise. A promise to myself to do everything in my power to make sure that other people wouldn’t make the same mistakes I made. This is why my website is dedicated to helping as many people as possible to avoid those mishaps I suffered. My goals are to instill awareness and educate my readers on the basics of the internet business world so they will know which path to take on their journey when they come to that fork in the road. Through trial and error, over the last year and a half working in this industry I have learned the main things to consider (seen just below) when examining an online home based business opportunity that you may be interested in. 

Company Contact Information


Make This A Standard Procedure

A legitimate internet home based opportunity should offer you, or provide you with all the information needed to contact someone from the company in person. This would include, email address, telephone number, and physical mailing address. If these things are not provided, I wouldn’t waste my time. If a company only wants to give you a P.O. Box, that would be unacceptable as well. 

Legitimate Products For Sale


Quality Is Key

Look for opportunities that have high quality products or services to sell to their customers. In the last couple of years there seems to be a trend toward selling information service products in the form of education and training sites for internet start up businesses. Look for high quality programs to resale and not just anything that has been thrown together just for the sake of a product to sell. Quality products will keep your customers coming back, time and time again.

Education And Proper Training


Learn Your Trade

If you are new to this and thinking of starting your own home based internet business, then you need to educate yourself on the matter and get up to speed on the what’s what in the industry before jumping in. Many people have tried it and almost everyone of them fail. You wouldn’t  just jump on a motorcycle without ever have ridden one, would you? Of course not, you would have someone show you, step by step how to do it, and with the proper guidance and some practice you would achieve success. The same applies to starting an online business. Education and proper training will take you a long way in your efforts to success.

WA Logo

You Won’t Find Anything Like This Anywhere

Above I mentioned Wealthy Affiliate. This is the the #1 ranked online business community in the world. It defines the online education and training world with a unique and cutting edge platform built specifically to create success. They have a free start up program that is as good or better than any program out there that you would have to pay for. That’s a crazy thing to say because it is crazy! But it’s true and I’m putting my website’s reputation on it. They don’t even ask for a credit card. I want to tell you more about WA in a moment, but first let’s finish up with “things to consider” when looking into an online home based business opportunity.

Compensation Plans


Know Terms And Conditions Before Starting A Job

Before  accepting any online job, find out how they plan on paying you. Don’t except direct deposit to your bank account, because you would have to give them your bank account number and that wouldn’t be very smart for obvious reasons. The best way to get paid is to set up a PayPal account or have them send you a check. When dealing with affiliate programs, make sure to pay close attention to the compensation plans when doing your research for a legitimate internet business opportunity. Many programs offer the affiliate very small percentages of each sale making it really hard to create a decent income this way. You would have to make way too many sales. You want to work smarter not harder. So look for products of higher quality and value that offer higher affiliate commissions when choosing an online home based business opportunity.

Understand Your Competition


Stay In Front Of The Pack

It’s a pretty sure bet that there is another online business out there already doing what you want to do. You need to try and find out all you can about them. See how successful they are and how they attract their costumers. Once you know enough about your competition, come up with some strategies that will set you apart from them. Whatever it is that your competition is doing, you have to do it better.

There are many more things to consider when starting up an online type of business, but the one’s mentioned above are some of the more important one’s. The general rule is to just practice good old common sense before you make any major decisions.

Wealthy Affiliate


Lesson Based, Video Tutorials, Hands On Training & Much More

If you’re really serious about creating income, via a legitimate internet based business, then I strongly suggest you take a very close look at Wealthy Affiliate. WA is “Training” Starting with the “Online Entrepreneur Course- Getting Started“, showing newbies the process of setting up an online business, choosing a niche, building a website, and walking you through the initial stages of setting up your foundation for success online. Start a business with any niche or anything that you are passionate about. This is just some of the training you get for 100% free when you join up. It guides you through all the steps in a very easy to understand way using task based lessons. All lessons have a video overview. WA has the easiest to use website builder in the world called WordPress. In fact I built this website using WordPress in less than an hour. This was my first website and it really was easy. If I can do it, so can anyone, specially when you are following a step by step video that you can stop and rewind at any time.

As a free starter member you get access towealthy-affiliate-online-entrepreneur-certification-level1-getting-started-course two websites you can build profit ready, to promote products or any niche that you want. By lesson four you will have your own profit ready website up and running. When you access WA, not only are you getting website training, you get access to an entire community with lots of experts willing to help you out. There are 1000’s of people on a daily bases interacting with each other. Ask a question and someone will get back to you with answers, sometimes instantly. It is the most unique online community out there. WA instills this mentality of helping each other out and even has incentive programs for interacting within the community. WA is your centralized location for not only your training and education, but for your websites, your hosting, all the tools you need to run an online business, one on one help by community experts, and much more, all included in one location. All this for the starters account, 100% free. You are never under any obligation to upgrade at any time. There is a Premium membership that will be discussed later but never will there be any obligation to upgrade. You will get to keep your websites and continue to have access to all the training regardless if you upgrade or not. When you join the free starters membership, you will discover even more amazing opportunities that don’t cost you a single penny.

More Free Stuff

Can’t think of a niche? Not a problem, Weaaffiliate-marketing-bootcamplthy Affiliate has a training course called Affiliate Bootcamp. This was specifically designed for the newbie that didn’t have a niche or their own product to promote. In this training course you get all of the above, except this is a 6 phase course with 10 lessons in each one. This course is unique because it sets you up to promote Wealthy Affiliate itself, giving you a business opportunity right off the bat to earn monthly commission for anyone that goes to your website and signs up for a WA membership. All 100% free. Before this course is even over, your website will be generating traffic and WA will show you how to convert that traffic into income.

I hope you found this information helpful. If you have any concerns or unanswered question, please don’t hesitate to leave your comments in the box below, and I will get back to you asap. Make sure to leave all your contact info, including your name and email address.

If you want to get in touch with me directly at Wealthy Affiliate, please visit my profile page

My username is pesurfmayr

My email is arri@financialfreedomops.com

My website is http://financialfreedomops.com






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