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Financial Freedom Opportunities is an online site dedicated to finding legitimate internet business opportunities, resources, and all the information needed to achieve and run a successful online business. We do reviews of online business opportunities and websites that offer education and training related to the entire online business world. Here at FFO, we also expose online scams, show you the most common ones out there, and how to identify them.

Identify Online Scams

 Internet Scams

Too Good To Be True, Then It Probably Is

There are thousands of online business opportunities on the internet. Unfortunately most of them fall way short of their claims and many are total scams. Everyone has heard the old cliche, “if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.” This mentality should be applied when you come across websites that “sound too good to be true”, because more likely than not, they probably are scams. There are so many scams and unethical websites on the internet today and they have really taken their toll on our industry in a very negative way. On this site we are always on the lookout for the latest online scam and we will expose them. One of our main goals here is to weed out all the negativity and give our industry it’s good name back. We believe we can accomplish this by helping you avoid these bad sites and getting you started on the right track to the resources that will set you up for success.


Reviews are a very important source customer-reviews-icon-250x250of information that will aid you in making good decisions before you make a commitment to an online business opportunity. By doing research and reading reviews before you dive in head first, it will give you much better odds against falling for a scam. Here at our site you will find unbiased reviews written about various online opportunity websites, whether they be good or bad. If you come across something you would like us to review for you, we would be more than happy to. In the comment box at the bottom of this page, leave the name of the website and URL or (web-address) and we’ll review it and post it ASAP. Remember, we are here to serve you and to help put you on the right path to success.




A unique aspect of our website is Education. My name is Fernando, founder of Financial Freedom Opportunities. I want you to know that I really care about you more than you may think. If you have ever been victimized by online scams, you are not alone. It happens to everyone. It’s happened to me, so I know what it feels like if this is your case. I realized quickly that there is no such thing as getting rich quickly in this industry. To be successful you have to be set up for it. The only way to do this is through education, training and practice. You will never have to look elsewhere again for a legitimate online opportunity. Here at FFO we are going to show you the best, most unique, and second to none opportunity there is on the internet, and we are certain that you’ll agree. First things first.

To Achieve Success Online You MUST Have These Three Things

  • (1 Help
  • (2 Website
  • (3 A Place to Learn and Get the Proper Guidance

Get Trained

There is nothing worse than not having somewhere or someone to go to for Help when you are stuck. You can not achieve true success with an online business without a Website, no and’s, if’s, or but’s about it. Last but not least, without Education, Access to Key Resources, and Proper Training, your online business will be short lived. As was said above, we would show you the best, most unique, and second to none legitimate online business opportunity that exists anywhere. This one of a kind opportunity has all the things you’ll need for success mentioned above. Help, your own Website, a place to Learn, and get the Proper Guidance, and much, much more all in one place. Welcome to:

Wealthy Affiliate


Work From Home

Wealthy Affiliate is the number one ranked online business education and training platform in the world. It was founded by Kyle and Carson in 2005. WA is home to the largest online business community of like minded individuals anywhere, who interact with one another and offer guidance along with support. The WA program teaches people how to succeed in the world of online marketing. You will learn how to start your own online business, build websites, and everything you will need to achieve success working online from anywhere in the world.

Get started with $0

WA free starter membership

Free Starter

Put away your credit card, here is what you get when you get started with $0.

  1. Personal Help and Support
  2. Ability to get help and personal support from Kyle and Carson (co – owners of WA)
  3. Help within a community of 1000’s of users
  4. Live chat support 24/7
  5. On going discussion forums

2 Free Websites

  1. Fully functional WordPress sites
  2. Ready to make money online
  3. State of the art Hosting for your websites
  4. Affiliate program (earn as you learn)

Training and More TrainingWA Training

  1. Video tutorials
  2. Full courses from A to Z
  3. Classroom style lesson plans
  4. Constantly updated new and fresh material
  5. Live weekly Webinars

Premium Membership

This is a paying level where you get muchWA premium logo more training and access to the community within Wealthy Affiliate. If you upgrade to premium in the first 7 days of your free membership, the first month is $19 and then $47 per mo. there after, or $359 for a year. That is a substantial savings. That’s less than $1 a day. How much would your tuition cost if you were enrolled at university? You won’t get this kind of training at any university. Free starters should consider upgrading, and most will once they’ve had a peek. By all means though, start with the free membership and see for yourself. We believe that our free starter program is superior to anything out there that you would pay for.

Join Wealthy Affiliate Today!!!

If you have any questions at all, plegetstartedtoday-orange3ase leave me a message in the box below and I will be more than happy to get back to you asap, or you can email me at

If you want to get in touch with me directly at Wealthy Affiliate, please visit my profile page

My username is pesurfmayr

My website is

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