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Surf Trip To Bali, Indonesia

SUMMER 1970  At the age of 12 I discover the first love and passion of my life, riding waves, aka Surfing.  Surfing would go on to be the major influence and driving force in my life. It shaped me, and for what it’s worth, it’s made me who I am today.

SUMMER 1975  I graduate from high school and I hadn’t really thought about what I was going to do after high school. Most people planned on going to college. I decided that surfing and traveling the world were going to be my advanced education so to speak. I had saved about a $1000 and before anyone new it I was on a bus going south. I ended up in a little fishing village in Mexico where I lived, worked with the local fisherman, and surfed incredible waves everyday for the next 11 years.

Me At The Mexican Pipeline

Me At The Mexican Pipeline

 SUMMER 1986 – 1990  Eleven years have passed since I finished H.S. and went on that epic journey and ended up in a small fishing village in southern Mexico. For 11 years I lived my dream. When I wasn’t in Mexico, I’d be home for a month working getting some money together for my next surf adventure. I always ended up back in Mexico for most of the year, but every year I would travel to different places around the world for a few months to surf the best waves on Earth. It was a life without worry, but abundant with life experience. I learned more than anyone I knew who had gone to college and never went anywhere. I learned about life, about far away lands and its people and about their cultures. It was a great life. Then in the summer of 86 while down in Mexico I met my future wife, a French girl. Life is about to deal me a rude awakening.

WINTER 2006 to 2012  Sixteen years zoom by, and prove to be quite a challenge. We raise three kids, I had become a slave to my work, and no matter how hard or how much I worked, it was always a struggle to pay the bills. The economy starts to tumble and my construction business follows. I continue being a slave to my debts and work in construction for various employers over the next few years. Meanwhile two of our three kids are getting ready for college and the bills are pilling up. In early 2012 I got laid off and nobody wants to hire a fifty something year old carpenter at $30 per hour when they can hire an apprentice at $12 per hour.


Discover The Truth

I’d been hearing all these stories about people working at home making money with the internet, so I started researching and after getting suckered into scam after scam, I eventually got pretty good at identifying the scams. Many required you to buy the product they wanted you to promote and sell for them. In order to get paid a commission for a sale, you first had to buy the product. That’s like being a car salesman and not getting paid when you sold a car unless you bought one first. That’s a Red Flag for a Scam if I ever saw one,


After tons of research and reviewing hundreds of different sites, I could only come up with 2 or 3 sites that were honestly in the business to help you become a successful online business. There is one in particular, Wealthy Affiliate. Their mission and mine is to first and foremost teach you to become a successful online business through education and access to the most active online business community that exists, and committed to helping each other outwa_stop_struggling_120x600. It truly is amazing. And Second, you get an opportunity to make money while you’re learning, by promoting their service at no cost to you. I’ll tell you more, but first things first.

WINTER 2013 to PRESENT  My mission, here at my site, financialfreedomops.com is to help people avoid the hardships I’ve endured trying to find an honest way to make money online. I’m set to expose as many online scams as possible.  If you made it this far on my website, you will never again have to deal with all the scams and unethical websites that litter and tarnish the World Wide Web called the Internet.

Here, one of the first things you will learn is that to be a successful online business you have to have your own website. There is no getting around it, to achieve success you must have your own website. That shouldn’t worry you because with the advancement in computer technology, websites can be created and up and running in minutes. In fact I built this website here at Wealthy Affiliate using WordPress the most popular and widely used website building tool there is. It’s state of the art and really easy to use. You don’t have to be a tech nerd like you did before. Anyone can do it, especially with the guidance of experts and tutorial videos. I did it and I did for FREE! I’m talking nada, not one penny came out of my pocket to build this site. When you join for free as a starter, you will get to build 2 websites for free. I have since become a paying premium member and I get an unlimited amount of websites.

Free Starter Membership

Free Starter Membership


At Wealthy Affiliate’s free starter program you get two free websites, a training course of 10 lessons with tons of educational content. You will get walked through every step of the way. You’ll have a website up and fully running, capable of generating income in a very short time with all the training, the tools, and all the help you want. If you are serious about making money, and are dedicated, and you put the time in, there is no reason you can’t achieve some level of success with your very own online business. Thousands of people are doing it everyday, so can you.

One of the first tasks will be to build your own website designed to promote Wealthy Affiliate. You will be guided using tutorial videos, classroom style teaching, access to the most comprehensive online business community in the world with more than 10,000 members from all walks of life and all levels of success. Everyone here started out just like you and nobody got to where they are without help somewhere along the way. Getting help here is so easy because there are live discussion forums running 24/7 and everyone is really cool and happy to help.

business profile pic 3

That’s Me

So that’s pretty much my story and how I made it to this point in life. Since I started playing with the online business thing I have discovered a new sense of satisfaction, which is helping those who come after me so they won’t have to go through all the hardships I experienced. I take pride in the fact that we are a different breed of entrepreneurs here at FinancialFreedomOps.com, and all within the community at Wealthy Affiliate. Because of so many scams and unethical websites on the internet full of lies and deceit, our industry has been given a bad rap of mistrust and negativity.

At my website and Wealthy Affiliate we are unique, and we stand apart. We want to help change that negative image by inspiring new starters and anyone who wants an honest start to a great opportunity right here. How can you say no. It’s free, and even after all your training, with a website up and running, and making money, you still don’t have to upgrade to premium membership, but I’m pretty sure you will want to. It pays you double commission fees to that of the starter fees. Tons more training, unlimited websites for promoting whatever niche you want and so much more.

Go ahead and look around here at my site, I’m here to help you. If you have any concerns or any questions at all, please do leave your comments in the box below and I’ll respond asap. Usually I’ll respond within 6 hours and sometimes even within minutes. If you want to get in touch with me directly at Wealthy Affiliate, please visit my profile page. My username is pesurfmayr

Sincerely, Fernando

Founder of Financial Freedom Opportunities


Email: arri@financialfreedom.com



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3 thoughts on “About Fernando

  1. Tracy47

    Can’t believe this is my first time visiting your site. It’s terrific! I absolutely love your “about me” story. I took a very similar past…. moved to the beach vs. going to college, got married, and life hit me like a ton of bricks. At least we lived more of “the dream” than a lot of folks who never took the chance!

    1. Fernando Arriola

      Hi Tracy, thanks for checking out my site and for your kind words. As for the road I took in life, surfing was my instigator and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I have three amazing kids because of it, and the desire and urge to travel the world was instilled in me. This feeling burns in me like a lit flame that can not be extinguished. It’s my motivation for success so I can establish some sort of an income stream where I can take my show on the road and (work, play, and travel at the same time).


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