How To Make Money Online (As A Newbie)

Looking to make money online as a newbie?WA Stack-Of-Money

Read on and I will show you how to make money online as a newbie and ways that you can create a residual income for years to come. “How to make money online” is probably one of the questions I get asked more than anything else. 

There are many ways to make money online. You can create your own product to sell online, start your own online store, or sell someone else’s products. You’ll need to create a website to use as a platform for writing useful content on the topics you choose to promote.  You can write your own blog about product and service reviews while developing a reader following. You will want to set up your own pages on the various social networks promoting your niche or products & services.

You will want to choose a topic or a niche. A niche can be a product or part of a product orWA niche-Marketing service that provides a particular kind or group of people with something they need. The best choice would be to pick something that you are passionate about. Something you love to do and know a lot about. Whatever it may be that you’re passionate about is going to make it a lot easier for you to write and create quality and useful content. Your expertise will make your words in writing look natural to your readers. You will come across to them as an authority on the topic, gaining their trust, thus building a relationship and ultimately a following, which in turn will lead to sales.

Another idea is to pick a topic of a new interest you may have, it could be anything. Whatever it is though, just be sure it’s something that really interests you, something you’ll love researching and learning about. Before you know it, you will be writing about it with ease. Everyday you’ll learn more and you’ll keep writing and adding useful content to your site. Nothing happens over night. You have to put in the time and effort and never give up. In good time you will see positive results as long as you are disciplined and stay focused.

emoticon spin head Your head is probably spinning by now and you’re thinking…. “This all sounds awesome and everything, but how do I make money from doing this?”

How to Make Money Online (For Newbies)

Affiliate Marketing has become one of the most popular and easiest ways to make money online, especially for newbies. As an affiliate marketer a business rewards you for introducing a customer to a business’s product. If that customer buys the product you introduced him to, then that business pays you a commission. There are now thousands of affiliate programs out there practically begging you to promote their stuff.

There are many Service Affiliate programs out there as well, such as web hosting andwa_uncover_secrets_250x250 work at home education and training programs. These are popular because they are usually membership programs. Membership programs usually have a monthly fee. These programs will pay you a commission fee for everyone you refer to their program, but what is even cooler is that they will pay you a monthly commission for every month that your referral pays their membership. This can generate a very lucrative residual income. There is really no limit to how much money you can make.

Just because you are a newbie, I am going to give you a HUGE tip on how to get you started. If you use this tip, you will probably want to thank me later, but don’t worry about it. I’ve been in your shoe’s and I’ve tried all kinds of things. I’ve been scammed out of 100’s of dollars, if not 1000’s before some one turned me on to the same tip I’m going to give you in a minute, but first things first.

To Achieve Success Online You MUST Have These Three Things

  1. Help – There is nothing worse than not having somewhere or someone to go to for help when you are stuck.
  2. Website - You can not achieve true success with an online business without a website, no and’s, if’s, or but’s about it.
  3. A Place to Learn and Get the Proper Guidance - Without Education, Access to Key Resources, and Proper Training, your online business will be short lived.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)WA search-engine-optimization

We’ve talked about several ways of how to make money online as a newbie. What we haven’t talked about is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Understanding SEO is key to getting high ranking when it comes to page position of your website by the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Your chances of success are higher if your website lands on the first page of Google when someone does a search for your niche, product, or service. Don’t let this SEO stuff scare you. It is really easy, but you have to learn about it and how to create meaningful and relevant SEO content to attract the search engines to your site for ranking. 

I guess this is as good a time as any to tell you about that tip I mentioned above. Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate where you well learn all about SEO and everything you will need to make money on line as a newbie.wa_stop_struggling_728x90

Wealthy Affiliate

What is Wealthy Affiliate? – WA is without a doubt the best place online where you can learn everything there is to learn in the world of online marketing. There is no other program out there that even comes close to what WA has to offer you. They are the #1 ranked affiliate community in the world with more than 10,000 active members. The members are from all around the world and come from all walks of life and all levels of success. Without them I probably wouldn’t even be involved in this industry. 

As a starter at WA you instantly get the 3 essentials needed to achieve success with an online business, First you’ll have a Place with all the Tools and Resources you will need all under the same roof, as well as the Proper Guidance. Second, you’ll get all the Help you can ask for. The third essential you will get is a Website, which you yourself are going to build with the aid ofWordpress-logo 3 an easy to follow video showing you step by step how to build a site using WordPress Express. WordPress Express is a state of the art and most widely used All in One SEO Website creating tool in the world. 

Technology has come a long way when it comes to creating and designing websites these days. It’s so simple, anyone can do it. You don’t have to worry about HTML or coding anymore. You can literally create a website in seconds with 3 clicks of a button. Watch this video where Kyle (co-founder & co-owner of WA) builds a website in 30 seconds or less. This is not the step by step video you will follow when you build yours. This is just to show you how easy it really is to create your own site once you’re in the know of things. Now buckle your seat belt, sit back and enjoy the ride. Click below and watch the video.WA 30 second website 2

Your Own Launching Platform

Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect launching platform to launch your online business. It offers you a place that has all the tools and resources you will need for a successful online business. This is unique in itself and you will not find anything like this anywhere out there. As a $0 starter member you get a 10 lesson course with video tutorials. You get 2 websites including hosting for as long as you want, you get access to discussion forums, live chat room 24/7. You get limited access to the WA #1 ranked online business community of more than 10,000 members who you can ask question when you need help. You even wa_starter_350x350have access to the two owners Kyle and Carson which are actively involved on a daily basis within the WA community. You get all this for $0 and no one asks you for your credit card number. It’s free for as long as you want.

You’re probably wondering why WA would give you all this for free? Here’s the deal, WA is pretty confident you’ll want to go premium once you see for yourself. They’ve also been around long enough to test their product and the facts are that most people that try it for free end up signing up for the premium membership. It really is that good so they allow you to try it for free as long as you want.

There are people making money using the free membership. These people are usually experienced online marketers using the WA platform just for the two free websites and hosting. WA is more of a learning platform were you are taught and trained the proper way, how to start, build, and make money with your own online business. Click on Wealthy Affiliate Review to see a more in depth view of how it works.

If you are still with me and you read everything up to here, you should remember I mentioned that service affiliate programs are popular because most pay you a monthly recurringWA-Affiliate-Program commission fee. Well I almost forgot to mention that Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate program and one of the highest paying commission fees in the whole industry. The most popular program for beginners is the Affiliate Bootcamp Course. Imagine that, learning and getting paid for it at the same time just for referring people to Wealthy Affiliate. If you refer someone and they sign up for the premium membership, WA pays you a $22.50 monthly recurring commission for as long as your referral continues to pay his monthly membership. 

Feel free and have a looksie, just click here at Wealthy Affiliate and start your $0 membership. No credit card necessary, just fill in your name, email address, create a password, and username and that’s it. Have a look as long as you want, it’s free. This is a no brainer, you have nothing to lose. Start a website take some classes, ask the community questions, it won’t cost you a penny, see for yourself.

There are many more ways to make money online and you will discover them in good time, but for now we’re going to concentrate on what you will need to start your online business for beginners. When you sign up for free you will be guided through the following steps to get started.

  • Choose a niche, product, or service
  • Buy and register a domain name  
  • You will set up your All in One WordPress Website
  • Set up your social media accounts.
  • Start the 10 lesson course in order
  • Learn and create SEO content using keyword strategy
  • Research affiliate programs in your niche and sign up
  • Write product reviews
  • Start inserting links back to your site
  • Continue creating content


Can newbies make money online? Yes, without a doubt, with the proper training and a place to  learn and get help, anyone can make money online. Once all these things are in place and you have a business plan, start your online business. Begin by implementing the 10 things listed just above in that order and stay focused. Stick to your plan, it’s very easy to stray with all the distractions the internet offers. Discipline is a must!  

Start with one website and stay with it from start to profit, meaning develop your first site by promoting your chosen niche or what ever it is, to it’s maximum profit. Once you start making money with it consistently, it will generate income for years to come. Just keep it maintained by adding fresh content now and then. Now you can start a new website and do the exact same thing with a different topic and take it from start to profit. Before you know it you will have a multiple steam of income coming in. 

Just remember that it doesn’t happen over night. There is no such thing as get rich quick in this business. Stop chasing that silver little object unless you like to give your money to all those scam artists out there that call themselves gurus who offer you stuff that is too good to be true, The truth is that if you work hard, put in the time, stay focused, have a strict discipline, and never give up, you should be able to generate a revenue of $3-$5 K per month within a year.

If you stayed with me all the way to the end, I just want to say thanks so much for choosing my website. I hope that you got something positive from it and that you have a better understanding of “how to make money online as a newbie”. If you have any questions or if there is anything you would like to comment on, please feel free to leave your comments in the box below and I will respond asap. Be sure to leave your contact info. Thanks again and have a great day. 

This is me

This is me Fernando

You can contact me via my profile page at Wealthy Affiliate. 




My Instant Payday Network Review

My Instant Payday Network Review

-instant-payday-network-review header

Name: Instant Payday Network

Jeff Buchanan (Owner)

Jeff Buchanan (Owner)


Price: Free (Get Account Now)

Owner: Jeff Buchanan

Overall Rating: 80 out of 100

Introduction To Instant Payday Network

This is My Instant Payday Network Review. Instant Payday Network is the very first website that I ever made money online with. It is not a get rich quick scheme. Just like anything else in life, you have to put some effort into it toInstant-Payday-Network-Banner make money. I do have to admit, it is the easiest money I ever made online. In the beginning I was totally green and didn’t have a clue what I was doing. In the first month I would spend about three hours a day working on it. I made $58 dollars on my second day using the system. Now that I understand the system better I only put in about an hour a day. In under one year of using this system I average from $58 to $116 per day. This is a pretty good monthly income for minimal work.

This will be an honest and comprehensive review based on my personal experience with Instant Payday Network. I will tell you what I like about it and I will tell you the things I don’t like about it. Before I get into all the details, I’ll list some of the Pros and Cons involved with Instant Payday Network.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  • Easy Registration- Just have to give your name and a good email address.
  • Free- It’s Possible to make money without ever paying for anything.
  • Payments- When you make a sale you get paid within 12 hrs if not sooner.
  • Tutorial Videos- There are tutorial video on how to post ads on Craigslist and YouTube.
  • Stats Page- Has a nice stats page in the back office where you can keep track of all your leads and converts.


  • Not Accessible Worldwide- Only works in the US, Canada, & UK
  • Advertised as a 100% Free- While there is a lot of truth to that, it is a little misleading. As I wrote above in the Pros section, it is Possible to make money without ever spending any. I will explain shortly why you might have to spend a few dollars to make money.
  • Posting Ads- When posting ads on craigslist or some other free ad boards, they won’t let you use your Instant Payday Network link for some reason or other. If you do, they will delete or ghost your ad. This means that it looks like your ad is up and running but it really isn’t. To get around this obstacle you have to purchase a short URL that costs less than $2 a year. It’s a link that hides the original IPN link. It works very well and is worth the hassle of obtaining it.

Instant Payday Network Product Overview

IPN control panal

The Back Office

Instant Payday Network is a complete marketing system that works. It is simple to implement at any level of tech savvyness. There are tutorial videos to help you get started and another that shows you step by step how to make your own video ad and then how to post it on YouTube. They have a tight knit community on Facebook and they offer occasional live training webinars. You can also get help through their Facebook page and someone will get back to you, usually within 24 hours. You can even leave a message to Jeff Buchanan (owner) through your back office and he’ll get back to you within 24 hours as well.

Who Is Instant Payday Network For


Instant Payday Network Is For Everyone

Instant Payday Network is for all levels of experience. Anyone can do it, but it is definitely set up for the newbie. Someone with online marketing experience will find it extremely easy and will have a slight advantage over those with less experience. The good thing is that this system is so easy to use and it works at all levels. Bottom line is that Instant Payday Network is for Everyone.

How It Works

IPN referral ad

Referral Ad

Once you have joined for free (no credit card required) by giving your name and a good email address you will watch a short video presented by the owner and founder of IPN, Jeff Buchanan. He will tell you a little about himself and give you all the details about how his system works. Basically there are three steps to his system. There is a fourth step but it is optional. I won’t even get into it because it really has nothing to do with Instant Payday Network and it will only confuse you. It’s the Empower Network, which costs $25 per month to join. I would not recommend it. In my opinion most people lose money and there is a lot of controversy as to how ethical the site is. The three steps are as follow:

  1. Express My Cash Freebies: Here you sign up for free and complete trial offers. These trial offers are products from many Fortune 500 companies. Each offer is worth up to 1.0 credits. Most are worth .50 credits. To complete step 1 you have to earn a full 1.0 credit. Some of the trial offers may charge you a small shipping fee.
  2. Double My Cash Freebies: Here you do the same thing you did in step 1. When you have completed step 2 you move on to step 3 and this is where you begin making money.

    instant payday network 3 steps

    3 Step System

  3. Get Your Free Marketing System: Here you get a back office (Instant Payday Network), with all the tools and training that show you how to promote Instant Payday Network. There are tutorial videos that show you how to make a YouTube video ad and another video tutorial on how to post ads on Craigslist and other free ad boards. When you are ready you will promote Instant Payday Network however you choose to.

When someone see’s your ad and clicks on your referral link it takes them to your personal capture page. There are a hand full of capture pages you may use and you can change them around when ever you want. At this point they decide if they want to go further where they are required to give their name and an email address. If they do, they will have the opportunity to watch the same video of Jeff Buchanan you watched when you first came to IPN. He will go over all the details and explain his system and how to make money. Also an auto-response system will automatically send them an instant welcome email, as well as 6 more over the next 10 days.

instant-payday-network capture page

One Of Several Capture Pages

At this point the system pretty much takes over. You will be able to send a personal message to your lead if you choose to, and I recommend that you do. It’s more professional and you can let them know that you are there to help them if they need help and answer any questions they might have. It shows them that you care and it will lead to more conversions (sales). That’s pretty mush it.

They will have to complete the step 1 and step 2 requirements just as I did. As soon as they complete step 1 you will get paid $25 and the same goes for step 2 except here you get paid $33. You get paid because they are your referrals. It’s also a good idea to set yourself up with a PayPal account. It makes things really easy when it comes to getting paid. Your money goes directly into your account withing minutes. Sometimes it can take up to 12 hours to get paid, it just depends on the trial offer they choose.

Final Opinion And Special Bonus Offer

My Final Opinion

My Final Opinion

Instant Payday Network is a simple marketing system and it really works. Basically you get paid for referring people to try out trial offers from Fortune 500 companies. Some are totally free, others will be products that you’ll have to physically receive and have to pay a small shipping fee. Anyone at any level of experience can do this.

It’s not a get rich quick scheme, but it can give you a nice little extra stream of monthly income for minimal work while you concentrate on other internet marketing projects. For example, I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate the number one online internet marketing education and training platform in the world. I have learned so much and continue to learn everyday about marketing and website design and so much more. To learn more,  read my Wealthy Affiliate review.

A year and a half ago, when I first started I was completely clueless. I didn’t know the first thing about online marketing or anything about advertising. My computer skills consisted of opening and sending emails, and pictures. I didn’t even know how to copy and paste. I have gone from making $500 or less a month to anywhere from $1500 to $3000 a month at Instant Payday Network by using many of the things I’ve learned at Wealthy Affiliate in a matter of a few months. I never put in more than a few hours a day at IPN. You just have to post ads everyday. I use about ten different short ads I wrote myself. I just move them around never leaving them in the same place for more than a couple of days.

Your Bonus

Get your Bonus

Get your Bonus

Many of my leads have been complaining that when they signed up they were told it was 100% free. This is somewhat misleading because with some of the trial offers there might be a small shipping fee. These fees can cost you up to $10 for each of the first two steps totaling $20. It will never cost you more than this to complete both steps. It all depends which offers you pick. Most of the time it is much less.

So here is what I’m proposing. If you think you might want to give this a go, I’ll pay anyone who signs up through my referral link $20 as soon as you complete steps 1 & 2 successfully even if it costs you less. This will be for a limited time only. I will give at least a weeks notice before I end this offer. Remember, to get this offer you have to sign up for free under my referral link and successfully complete steps 1 & 2. To get your $20 bonus you will need to set up a free PayPal account if you don’t already have one, it’s easy and very secure. If you have a more convenient way to receive your $20 bonus, just let me  know I’ll take care of it. 

Thanks for coming to my website and reading my Instant Payday Network Review. I hope you found it to be interesting and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to leave your comments in the box below. Be sure to leave your name and an email where I can contact you.

If you would like to contact me, my contacts are listed below or feel free to contact me on my profile page at Wealthy Affiliate





Build Your Own Website For Free

Who Needs A Website?

WP theme sample

If you are seriously thinking of starting your own online work from home business as an internet marketer and hope to achieve any level of success, you will without question need your own website. Not to worry though, because I’m going to show you how to build your own website for free.

Maybe you want to create a website geared at promoting your own products or services, a specific niche website, or perhaps even build one for a local business. Not a problem, website design has come a long way since those days of old. Not to long ago building a website was a long complicated task. It could take weeks to build and forget it if you weren’t a total tech nerd. Today‘s websites are built relatively easy.

There are many services and platforms out there that offer “fool proof” ways to create awesome and totally professional looking websites. If I have your attention and you are interested in creating your own Free site, then read on…

Significant Aspects Of A Website

There are some other very important factors to consider when building a site. You have to have a place for hosting your site. This is a place where your website is stored and makes sure to serve the people who go to your website in a speedy, efficient, and secure fashion. The difference between a quality website and one that is inferior can be determined by these important factors below.

  1. Speed & Load Time
  2. Professional Design & Look
  3. Easy to Navigate
  4. Uses a CMS (Content Management System)
  5. Quality Website Content

If you can achieve these five things, you will have a quality website and a good start to a Wordpress-logo 3successful and profitable online business. To do this, you will need a website building platform that makes it easy for you. In my opinion there isn’t anything better than WordPress, the world’s most used website building platform. In fact, this very website was created using WordPress. Click the blue “Build it Now” box below and build a FREE WordPress website NOW!

Site Rubix sign up 2

WordPress A True Content Management System (CMS)

Not so long ago you really had to be an expert in HTML & coding to build a website where it was all done manually. It was long, hard, and tedious work. Not anymore, pretty much anyone can build a website today thanks to WordPress Content Management System.

At Wealthy Affiliate WordPress is very easy to install and set-up with just a click of a button. There is no need for expertise in HTML & coding. There are more than 10,000 add-on features and website functionality‘s. When building and hosting your website at Wealthy Affiliate, WordPress has more than 1400 different themes to choose from. You won’t find anything this good anywhere out there.

I rate WordPress as my top pick when it comes to a website building platform and considerate it to be the “cream of the crop”. I wouldn’t use anything else.  Alright now, you’ve stuck it out with me this far, so now I want to show you how to get your own FREE WordPress website and how to build it in a matter of minutes.

Build A WordPress Website For FREE Right Now!

Kyle is one of the co-creators of Wealthy Affiliate and here he puts together a video to show you how you can get a website  up and running in just a few minutes. In fact, in this video he will show you how he built a fully functional WordPress website in 30 seconds. Yes, you read that correctly, in 30 seconds. watch the video here…

WA 30 second website 2





If you want me to help you get a website in the next few minutes you are going to have to take  action starting with these 3 steps, but only if you are really willing to take action.

Step One: Start Building Your Website for $0 at                                                     Step Two: Create  a Totally Free Account                                                                                         Step Three: YOU Get Access to 2 Free Websites & an Entire Training Course

Are you still with me? I hope so because you are going to love it.  You will now have your very own, and fully functional WordPress website up and running.  You won’t find anything that even comes close to what you are getting here for $0. Thanks for staying with me and I’ll see you inside.

If You Need Help With Your Website

Just ask! If you need help with anything I have covered here, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and I’ll reply ASAP. You can also contact me within Wealthy Affiliate on my profile page.

Is It For Real? My Wealthy Affiliate Review

my review 2

My Wealthy Affiliate ReviewKyle and Carson

Name: Wealthy Affiliate


Owners: Kyle & Carson

Price: $0 Starter Membership (get free account)

Overall Rating: 98 out of 100

Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate

WA Logo

Is It For Real?  My Wealthy Affiliate Review. Hi and welcome to my site. Wealthy Affiliate is the longest standing, and in my opinion the most innovative Internet Business community online. The first fact I wish to convey is that WA is not a get rich quick opportunity. Like anything else in life, you need to be dedicated, work hard, and put in the time. You will get as much out of it, as to what you put into it. Is it for real? You be the judge.

Service Or Product?


I consider Wealthy Affiliate to be more of a service and community than it is a product. It is centered around an educational and training platform specializing in online marketing, and building online businesses from A-Z. They teach a variety of techniques to make money via the internet. As a beginner at Wealthy Affiliate you will learn niche marketing, which is basically turning your passion into a successful online business.

What Are You Looking For?

Are you looking to make money online but you don’t have a clue where to look? Have you tried any kind of online business opportunities before and they just ended up costing you money and a big waste of time? Are you tired of getting ripped off but you aren’t ready to give up yet, and you just don’t know where to start? I can relate to all of those things, and that is why I am writing this review, you won’t ever have to waste your time and money again.wa_stop_struggling_728x90

For any one struggling to make money online I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. Even if you are someone who knows the basics and is interested in taking it to the next level. Maybe you just want to hone in on your website building skills using WordPress, one of the world class and state of the art website building tools on the market today. When you develop websites and publish them, you have to have somewhere to host them. Hosting is a critical and a very important component of a website. More often than not you need to outsource a hosting service. Not at WA, the founders have developed a powerful state of the art hosting engine and so everything you need to be successful is right here under one roof. You’ll never have to worry about getting scammed again.

Perhaps you already have an online business up and running and it’s just not producing what wa_making_money_exposed_200x200you expected. You really believe in your business and feel that you are so close to really achieving success but you just can’t seem to put a finger on it as to why it’s not taking off. Let me ask you this, …. Do you think that if you were part of, and had access to the most unique online business community in the world, do you think there would be any benefit in it for you? It could be the key component you’re missing and could determine your making it or breaking it.

Think about it, a community of more than 10,000 like minded members world wide, with thousands of experts in internet marketing who you can reach out to and get help whenever you need. There is a live chat room running 24/7/365 days a year, and there are discussion forums where you could post a question and get multiple answers from real live humans sometimes within seconds. In my opinion this is huge and I see it as a tremendous asset to your business. Imagine the time you could save by having access to a community of experts. All your answers are a click away. No need to surf the net looking for answers when it’s all right there and from real people.

WA Features & Benefits

Click Image To Watch Video

For the most part, your ranking is merely a reflection of your activity and engagement within the community at WA. Your rank can benefit you in different ways, like receiving little perks that can open doors to special opportunities that will help your business flourish. Bottom line is, if you are consistently a high ranked member, things will be good for you at Wealthy Affiliate. While I was doing my homework researching WA for this review, when I learned and understood what the community within the WA membership was all about and how it works and functions, I was literally blown away. I’ve researched plenty of websites similar to WA, but nothing ever came close to this because WA stands apart and alone at the top of the mountain.

Wealthy Affiliate has an arsenal of tools and services you wouldn’t want to be in business without. We can not continue without acknowledging the most important elements that make up the core foundation of what some people call The Wealthy Affiliate University”. I’m talking about their top of the line, the most innovative and up to date Online Business Education and Training programs that you will find anywhere.

Wealthy Affiliate Pros & Cons


  • Access To Expert Marketers Within WA’s Online Business CommunityThumbs up and down
  • Tutorial Training Videos That Walk You Through Step By Step
  • Getting Started Courses For First Timers
  • Live Chat Rooms For Real Time Help
  • Low Competition Keyword Tools
  • Free Websites And Hosting
  • Coaching And Support
  • Discussion Forum
  • Newbie Friendly


  • Huge Amounts Of Information That Might Be Overwhelming To Some… It’s important to stay focused and stick to the lesson plan and you should be alright.
  • The Live Chat Can Become Addicting, Making You Less Productive
  • Too Many Website Themes To Choose From

Membership Overview

WA has a free Starter Membership program that gives you access to three of 13 classrooms, including all the basic training and tools needed to get you up and running. The Premium Membership program offers everything you need to start your online business and gives you access to use the advanced training courses and tools.

The $0 Starter Membership Program includes:WA Starter banner

  • 2 Free Websites accompanied with free hosting.
  • Phase one of the Affiliate Bootcamp training course that teaches you how to build a website that has authority.
  • Instant access to over 500 training modules.
  • Access to 3 of the classrooms.
  • For the first 7 days you have live support from the owners and other experts within the WA community.
  • 30 keyword search per month.

The Premium Membership includes: Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms

  • Personal support from both expert owners Kyle & Carson, including 1-on-1 mentoring and support from experts within the community
  • Hours of live video training classes, including Live Webinars every Friday night with full questions and answers that cover technique and strategies that will help build a successful online business. All video training is recorded in case that you missed any.
  • Access to a video library of hundreds of hours of video training to help you become an expert.
  • Full access to engage in discussions with the experts, as well as having access to more than 500,000 discussions within the forum.
  • Instant access to 12 classrooms that cover a wide variety of topics needed to to successfully start and run your own online business.
  • Video tutorials teach you step by step how to build a website and having it up and ready for you to start developing with content within minutes.
  • Unlimited websites and hosting.
  • Host unlimited domains of your own.
  • Access to unlimited keyword research.
  • Access to phase 2 and all future courses in the Affiliate Bootcamp training program.

Earn From Wealthy Affiliate While You LearnWA Commision Plan

By inviting people to Wealthy Affiliate using your unique tracking link you will be able to earn commissions when someone purchases the Premium Membership. WA is pretty easy to promote because people quickly see the value offered in the Free Starter program. Anyone that has gone online looking for legitimate ways to make money will see that Wealthy Affiliate’s Free starter program gives you as much or more than any paying program out there.

The Price

Starter Membership: $0 

Premium Membership: Sign up within 7 days and pay $19 for first month and $47 per month there after, or $359 per year if you pay up front, that’s a $177 savings.

Exposing The Truth

So I joined the $0 membership to see if all their claims were for real and to my amazement,the-real-deal everything they claimed was 100% the true. I have never seen anything like this and it wasn’t one of those free trial things where if you don’t cancel within a certain time they will charge your credit card. Not here, in fact they never even asked me for a credit card. I have looked around pretty hard and I can’t even find a paid product in the industry that will compare with WA’s FREE Starter Membership, except for…

Wealthy Affiliate Premium. I could have continued with the free starter plan as long as I wanted to but I was so impressed and they were offering a bonus discount if I joined within the first 7 days. Naturally I took them up on it since I was going to join anyway as I continued my extensive research so I could write a truly honest review. The bonus they were offering when you join the premium membership was a reduced price for the first month at $19, and $47 per month there after. I looked at it as $19 well spent for my research, then I figured I would quit just before one month and then write my review.

Guess what, I’m still a member. I stayed on because I really like building my own website and after the first month I was still working on it. Then Black Friday came and they publicly offered a $299 deal for the whole year if you paid the whole thing in one payment. It was a ridiculous savings so I had to do it. It’s so worth it, especially if you’re really serious about learning everything there is to learn about Internet & Affiliate Marketing and building a successful online business. You’ll never have to worry about all the little everyday inconveniences, like hosting fees, keyword tool fees, website builder fees, paying for hired help, hours and hours of searching the net for answers to your questions, and getting the proper training. You don’t have to worry about any of those things because it’s all here, under the same roof, for less than a dollar a day.

You’ll never have to spend another dime on books written buy internet guru’s. No more EVER getting scammed again, or buying expensive online courses that guarantee success. Everything you need is at WA, including engaging with the WA online business community of more than 10,000 strong. One on one help from real living people, who are proven experts.


The bottom line is, I give Wealthy Affiliate an A+. The  program is by far the BEST Internet Marketinghighly-recommended A+ resource I have ever seen. It didn’t take me long to become a premium member. I was almost immediately hooked. It really is a no-brainer.

The training is always fresh and up to date. I have learned so much in such a short time (3 months). It would have taken 2 years anywhere else, that’s how good the program is. I love how I can manage everything from one site, like building my websites, hosting, keyword research, getting support, and just having everything you need all in one place. It really saves you valuable time.

My favorite part of WA is the uniqueness of the community within the program. The spirit of generosity blows my mind. I’ve never seen anything like it. It‘s a place where you can find 1000’s of members that are passionate about Internet & Affiliate Marketing going above and beyond to help and interact with each other. You can pick the brain of proven internet marketing entrepreneurs. It starts from the top down, even the two founders of WA are often found working and interacting with both, seasoned members as well as the newbies. These two guys are genuine, and their attitude reflects on the rest of the community. They really care and have dedicated their lives to teaching everything they know about being a success in the world of internet marketing.

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I give Wealthy Affiliate My highest recommendation. It is superior to any Internet Marketinghighly-recommend  Education and Training resource out there. Once you’ve gotten a taste, no matter if you are a seasoned vet or just starting out, WA will become your new home.

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